Founder & CEO of Pitchstor P.C
    Executive Manager of HandsUp
      COO & Co-Founder of Owiwi
        Co-Founder & COO of Chainproof
          Founder of BeMyQuest
            Founder & CEO of Knifeprint
              CEO & Co-Founder of Owiwi
                CEO of iBusiness
                  Founder of Sustainable Food Movement
                    Co-Founder -CMO of Pitchstor PC
                      Co-Founder & CTO of Knifeprint
                        Co-Founder & CSO of Chainproof
                          Co-Founder και COO of Knifeprint
                            Co-Founder & CMO of Chainproof
                              Co-founder & CEO of Hopwave
                                President of ARVIS SA, Founder and Managing Partner CONSULT2XL
                                  Investment Advisor, Business Planning, Analytical Skills, Banking, Credit Analysis, FX Options.
                                    Degree in Chemical Engineering,14 years experience in manufacturing, more than 20 years in business consultating.
                                      Head,Foreign Institutional Relationship Management/Treasury & Investment at NBG
                                        Founder & COO of WIP– Founder & CEO of FERALCO S.A.
                                          Business Consultant, Εconomist
                                            Adjunct Lecturer in Development Economics, Centre of Development Studies Cantab
                                              Coach to Empower & Transform BA, MBA (SD,USA)
                                                MBA Candidate at London Business School
                                                  Factory of the Future Technology Consultant at Smarterchains, NTUA
                                                    IT Director, Β. Καυκάς Α.Ε
                                                      Research Scientist at Biomedical Research Foundation of the Athens Academy
                                                        Distribution Network Director V.KAFKAS S.A.
                                                          Product Manager at COSMOTE
                                                            Project Management at Greek Environmental & Energy Network SA
                                                              Sales Manager at Woof Club P.C.